Dark brown woven wood shades sprucing up the breakfast nook. A simple yet elegant window treatment option from Blinds To Go

Bamboo & Reed

Woven Wood Shades

These styles produced from bamboo reeds give a rich natural beachy feel. They have a tighter weave that offers more privacy than most woven wood shades. It is ideal for bedrooms and for those who don’t want to add a privacy liner
The woven wood shades come in many affordable styles

Low cost

Natural beauty

Natural Beauty

Each shade is uniquely made by hand making them a popular choice for designers

Designer Approved

These woven wood shades are available in a large selection of colors.

Wide Variety of Colors

The shades being made from natural material help with insulating your home.


Available Colors

Cozumel Ginger
Aruba Sand

Available Options


4 valance

Fabric tape is covering the edges protecting the material and adding a customizable look.

Edge Binding


6 valance


8 valance

The cords are located on the left side of the shade.

Cord Left

The cords are located on the right side of the shade.

Cord Right

There is no fabric tape on the edges of the fabric.

No Edge Binding