Skylights in the ceiling of a spacious modern living room.

Custom Skylight Window Shades

Practical, stylish, and sleek, our custom skylight shades are constructed with a honeycomb design that makes them lightweight while providing insulating properties. Specifically designed for skylight windows, these cellular shades operate smoothly at an angle on a durable track with a hidden gear system and are available in light-filtering and blackout fabrics.

Our custom skylight window shades operate smoothly at an angle on a durable track with a hidden gear system and are available in light-filtering and blackout fabrics.

Skylight Shade Advantages

Showcasing cellular shades with top down bottom up option and blackout material

Superior Insulation

Keep your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  The honeycomb structure of these skylight shades provide energy-saving insulation and reduce excessive heat and glare from the sun.
Showcasing the difference between light filtering and blackout

Light Control

Our skylight shades are available in both light-filtering and blackout cellular materials. Let soft light in the room without any harsh sun glare or block light for complete darkness in the room. Skylight shades have the added benefit of light control since they can be operated manually by hand or with an extension pole.
Light filtering cellular shades above the kitchen sink.

UV Protection

Covering your skylights helps protect your floors and furniture from fading due to harmful UV rays. Enjoy natural light in the room along, while keeping your energy costs down, by investing in skylight cellular shades.

Prestige 3/8" Light-Filtering Fabrics

Allow soft sunlight to diffuse through with our light-filtering cellular fabric.

Prestige II Light Filtering 3/8 White
Prestige II Light Filtering 3/8 Aspen White
Aspen White
Prestige II Light Filtering 3/8 Gentle Cream
Gentle Cream
Prestige II Light Filtering 3/8 Metro Gray
Metro Gray
Prestige II Light Filtering 3/8 Deer Trail
Deer Trail

Prestige 3/8" Blackout Fabrics

Choose our blackout fabric with a mylar lining for complete darkness.

Prestige II Blackout 3/8 Decorators White
Prestige II Blackout 3/8 French Canvas
French Canvas
Prestige II Blackout 3/8 Muslin
Prestige II Blackout 3/8 Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach
Prestige II Blackout 3/8 Cambridge RB

Skylight Shades FAQ

How do skylight shades differ from traditional shades?

Our skylight shades operate on a track that ensures a snug fit on windows in an angled position. Each shade has two tracks, one on the right side and one on the left. The tracks ensure smooth functionality and proper placement of the shades in their various positions.

What types of shades are available for skylight shades?

Skylight shades are part of our popular lightweight cellular shade collection. Their honeycomb shape provides an insulating effect on your windows and their light-weight, yet structured material make them perfect for windows located on ceilings. They operate on a track which allows them to stay in the perfect position whether open or closed even as they hang at an angle on ceiling windows.

Will skylight shades fully block out all of the incoming light?

Only if you want them to. To block out incoming light entirely, just choose materials from our blackout collection, otherwise choose from our light-filtering collection to allow soft light to diffuse though your closed skylight shades.

How to Purchase

Skylight shades are available to purchase at your local Blinds To Go showroom. Each showroom is filled with highly trained design consultants that can further assist you with your shade purchase.

For additional information, please call 1-800-254-6377

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