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Proprietary Design

Morview Shutters are not only our newest product, they’re reinventing how we view shutters. Designed in California, the Morview Shutters offer never before seen attributes such as a hidden tilt rod providing you an unobstructed view. Customize to your liking by choosing an opening type, louver size, frame type, and cross bar. On top of these innovating features, Morview Shutters is priced at the lowest in the shutter industry and has the fastest turn around time.
Close-up of Morview Shutters showing how there is no tilt rod in the middle.

Unobstructed View

Hidden tilt rod allows for a clear, unobstructed view.
Morview shutter showing close-up on one of the louvers.

Replaceable Louvers

Unlike traditional shutters, our louvers can be easily removed or replaced.
Blinds To Go employee working on building a Morview shutter.

Fastest Turnaround time

Produced in 1-2 weeks compared to the 6-8 weeks industry standards!
25% OFF Shutter Sale ends April 14th

The installation will not be discounted. Other terms and conditions may apply, see store for details.